Updated: 17th October 2023

Travel Advice for Jordan

As a tour operator registered in the United Kingdom we follow the travel advice as set out by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who currently advises against all but essential travel to within 3km of the Syrian border. None of our Jordan tours come close to the Syrian border and focus on the perfectly safe tourist destinations of Amman and destinations further south. A number of our tours visit Umm Qais which is 30km distance from the border and unaffected by the troubles in Syria. All tours are running as normal.

For more information please visit the FCO website.

You may also wish to consult the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs when planning your trip for insurance cover purposes.

Updated: 5th November 2015

Israel conflict

In light of the ongoing conflict in southern Israel near the border with Gaza, and changes to international travel advice for visiting Israel, we are cancelling all tours departing from or travelling to Israel up till and including Sunday 12 November 2023.

The FDCO advice for Israel has changed to ‘all but essential travel’ and hence holidays will not be departing as planned (up till at least 12 November 2023).:

If travelling on a multi-country tour keep the same holiday arrangements but exclude the Israel section from the end of your tour. You could choose to extend your stay at the Dead Sea or in Amman Jordan, add an Istanbul city stay (at an additional cost) or return home sooner.

We have local teams in every city and many remote locations in Jordan that we are communicating with regularly. Based on this and current government advice, our Jordan tours continue to operate as planned at this time. If travelling on a Jordan tour that includes Israel and are supposed to depart before 12 November 2023, please contact our team today to discuss your options.

Travelling to Jerash & Umm Qais

Some of our group tours visit the ancient ruins of Jerash and Umm Qais located in the northern region of Jordan. Umm Qais is the northern-most site that our tours visit in Jordan and is located approximately 12km from present day Syrian territory. The area that Jerash and Umm Qais both fall in remains unaffected by the troubles in Syria and are safe destinations to visit.

Travelling to Amman

A lot of our Jordan group tours start in the capital city of Amman. The city is peaceful and a safe destination for all travelers.

Travelling to Petra

As Jordan's most popular tourist destination, the lost city of Petra remains a perfectly safe place to visit. Located 225km south of the Syrian border, Petra and the surrounding area, including Wadi Rum which lies further south, do not suffer from any unrest.