See many ice sculptures like this at the Harbin Ice Festival on our Chinese New Year China Tour

Harbin Ice Festival

Harbin becomes a winter wonderland as an international team work round the clock creating massive snow and ice sculptures for the annual Harbin Ice Festival that has held since 1963. Some ice sculptures stand over 6 metres tall and in previous years sculpters have built a Great wall of China complete with big dipper slippery slide and the Emperor's Summer Palace with forts and towers to climb along. The entire town is filled with festivity and donned with thousands of coloured lights illuminating the creations and the not to be missed Ice World Theme Park.

Officially, the festival starts from January 5th and it lasts one month. However the festival is actually open for visitors from the 20th December. On our Chinese New Year tour we visit Harbin Ice Festival on 31st Dec, which is a wonderful time to visit as carvers may still be adding the most intricate of detail to their masterpieces.

Alternatively we please contact our specialist tailor-made team who will be happy to create a holiday bespoke to your requirements, that incorporates this incredible ice extravaganza!

Additional Information

  • Harbin Ice Festival dates
  • Open to visitors from 20 Dec.
  • Official opening date: 5 January - 5 February.

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