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Egypt's southernmost city, Aswan, occupies an enviable position on the First Cataract of the Nile, where the river's mighty waters flow around the granite clad Elephantine Island steeped in palm groves and tropical plants. Small enough to navigate on foot and graced with a beautiful setting and little rain, Aswan has long been a favourite winter resort. Time can easily be spent strolling along the broad Corniche watching sailboats tack, ambling around the city's souk renowned as the best outside of Cairo, sitting in floating restaurants listening to Nubian music and eating freshly caught fish or perhaps exploring some sights.

Just upriver from the First Cataract stands the old Aswan Dam, built by the British in 1898 and once the largest dam in the world. Just outside of Aswan is the mighty High Dam. By 1952, it was apparent the Aswan Dam could not satisfy the country's needs for water, so the gargantuan High Dam was commissioned by then - President Nasser. A modern feat of engineering, the by-product for this immense construction is Lake Nasser - the world's largest artificial lake!

On Agilika Island lies Philae Temple - dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple dates from 4th century BC but the Ptolomies and the Romans up to 3rd century AD built most of the existing structures. After the building of the first Aswan Dam, rising waters lapped and surged around the temple. When it became apparent, the new High Dam would submerge Philae forever, a massive operation relocated the temples on Agilika Island.

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