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A picturesque oasis full of mud-brick villages that sit upon lush fields and orchards, Dakhla supports a population of some 75,000 people living in 14 settlements strung out along the Farafra and Kharga roads. Water is rather abundant at Dakhla with some 520 springs and wells offering a life source to the many crops grown here.

Draw cards at Dakhla are the medieval covered city of Al Qasr, which was built on Roman foundations, and beyond here, the colourful Al-Muzawaka tombs which date back to pharaonic times (and mostly closed to visitors). Al Qasr may be the longest continually inhabited site and was probably once official capital of the oasis. Painstaking archaeological and restorative work has been ongoing for more than 25 years. Buildings include the Nasr el-Din Mosque, houses with acacia wood lintels, a 10th century madrassa and more.

Beyond Al Qasr, in a slightly remote location is Deir al-Haggar, where there is a Roman sandstone temple. It’s Hypostyle Hall, sanctuary and brick enclosure wall were built in the 1st century AD under Roman emperors Nero, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian (whose cartouches can be seen on the temple) and later served as a Coptic monastery before a massive sand dune consumed it, crushing the roof and leaving only the tops of the columns visible during early visits by wealthy European explorers. Be sure, whilst in Dakhla, to opt for a dip in a hot spring and to buy some deliciously fresh oasis fruits.

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