Mt Sinai & St Katherine's Holidays

Mt Sinai & St Katherine's

Located around 90 minutes drive from Dahab, an excursion to Mt Sinai is easily achievable for the relatively fit. At 2,285 metres high, the sheer-faced massif of red and grey granite that is Mt Sinai is the second highest mountain in the Sinai Peninsula. Biblically revered, it is said that it was at the summit that Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Mt Sinai can be climbed. Whilst the climb doesn't require any specialist equipment, the actual uphill climb takes around 2.5hours, so one should possess good fitness. The longer yet easier route is via the camel path, starting just near the monastery. Beyond the cleft below the summit, the other route - the Steps of Repentance, joins the camel path. Hewn by a penitent monk, the 3750 steps make a very steep ascent from the monastery.

Conditions on the mountain vary but as the climb is scheduled to coincide with sunrise at the summit, it will invariably be cold, windy and of course dark until the sun rises. In winter, it is not uncommon to experience high winds and icy conditions with snow. Usually viewed after an ascent to the summit of Mt Sinai, St Katherine's Monastery can be visited, subject to strictly enforced open/closure periods. The Greek Orthodox St Katherine's origins date back to 337 AD, when the Byzantine Empress Helena ordered construction of a chapel around the Burning Bush, already a focus for pilgrims and hermits. It functions today with more than 20 monks in residence. The monastery is closed on Friday and Sunday.

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