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Port Said originally was a working camp founded in 1859 by Said Pasha to house men working on the Suez Canal. By the late 19th century, it was a bustling port. Much of the city was built on a section of Lake Manzala which was reclaimed by landfill. It was damaged during the Suez Crisis, and again during the wars of 1967 and 1973, but most of the city was rebuilt and it is now a summer resort for Egyptians.

The colonial architecture of the 19th century in the town centre is well worth a look and the National Museum houses artifacts from most periods of Egypt's past, including pharaonic and prehistoric; as well as Islamic and Coptic exhibits, including textiles, manuscripts and coins.

There is also a Military Museum located on Sharia 23rd of July. Along with some small displays of pharaonic and Islamic wars, are artifacts from the Suez Crises and the 1967 and 1973 wars.

Situated largely on man-made land, the city was founded on a sandy strip separating the Mediterranean from Lake Al-Manzilah. Port Said is connected to the mainland by a bridge to the south and a causeway to the west.

Lying at the junction of Africa & Asia, it is a famous and vital sea route between east & west and the main attraction is to see the ships and tankers that line up to pass through the Suez Canal’s north entrance. It is easy to while away a few hours watching the ships pass by.

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