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Famed for the variety of seashells that wash up on its beach, the resort of Ras Sudr is a popular resort with Cairenes keen to take a break along the coast between the Gulf of Suez and beyond Sharm el-Sheikh.

The section of coastline enveloping Ras Sudr and surrounds is spectacularly windy making it a Mecca for avid windsurfers and kite boarders seeking strong, smooth or chunky conditions. Winds here are year-round with day-long cross-shore gusts making it a paradise for those heading to Moon Beach, 40km south of Ras Sudr, La Hacienda and also Paradise Beach. From March to the end of October, winds are consistently 18-25 knots and smooth, making it particularly good for kite surfing. In addition to some holiday villages and resorts, Ras Sudr itself offers a couple of eateries and small shops.

Around 60 kms south of Ras Sudr, a turn-off leads to Hamman Faraoun (Pharaoh’s Bath), which comprises several near-boiling hot springs. Local Bedouin use the springs to cure rheumatism, and it is possible to bathe; a cave in the hill beside the shore leads in a ‘sauna’, a labyrinthe of chambers awash with hot water, though it is more comfortable to bathe where the spring flows into the sea.

Ras Sudr is located around 37 miles south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which bridges the Suez Canal and connects mainland Egypt to the Sinai.

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