Tombs of the Nobles Holidays

Tombs of the Nobles

The Tombs of the Nobles are in the high cliffs just north of Kichener’s Island, dating from the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Although the cliffs are riddled with caves, only a few are worth visiting as most are not well preserved.

Tombs 25 and 26 are the Tombs of Mekhu and Sabni, father and son, estimated to be from the 6th century. In Tomb 26 are reliefs showing triumph and tragedy thought to represent the murder of Mekhu and his son’s retaliation.

Tomb of Prince Sarenput II (No. 31) dates back to the 12th dynasty and is one of the best preserved tombs. It consists of two chambers and a chapel, complete with columns, paintings and hieroglyphics. The pillars in the second, smaller chamber are decorated with images of Sarenput . The first, larger chamber has six perfectly symmetrical columns, all of which are totally undecorated but the rest of the tomb more than makes up for this.

Tomb 36 is the tomb of Prince Sarenput I and is slightly older than Tomb 31. It consists of a court with columns, hall with many paintings showing the prince, his sons and general daily life and finally, a chamber with a false door.

Tomb 35 (Tomb of Heqaib, who was an Overseer of Troops during the 7th dynasty) has a columned façade and hunting and bull-fighting reliefs in good condition.

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