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Amman Jordan

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Formerly known as Philadelphia, Jordan’s capital, Amman, lies in an area that has been continuously inhabited since 6,000 BC, though few ancient buildings remain. The relatively modern and bustling city of Amman was not much more than a village when it became the seat of government in the 1920s. Since then it has grown dramatically - its population swelled by the arrival of waves of displaced Palestinians, who today make up the majority of the city’s residents.

Nowadays, Amman has little of the atmosphere one might describe as typically Middle Eastern. Amman is essentially a very western-oriented city. However, the city does offer a number of historical attractions including a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheatre, the Museum of Popular Traditions and the National Archaeological Museum. The Forum and Citadel Hill represent the few remaining Roman ruins of Amman. The hill affords a sweeping view of Amman and is a tranquil escape from the rest of the crowded city. Speaking of hills, Amman is built upon a series of hills with streets working their way along valley beds and the sides of steep cliffs. Dominating Amman’s hilltop citadel is the 8th century governor’s residence, the Umayyad Palace.

West Amman is worthy of exploration as well. Once a resting ground for Amman’s elite, the quiet leafy streets around 1st Circle on Jebel Amman are still lined with many fine old villas. In this vicinity is Rainbow Street where you’ll find shops, boutiques and other points of interest such as the Jordan National Gallery, which displays modern Jordanian and Middle Eastern art. Many of Amman’s best restaurants can also be found here.

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