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The oldest and largest medieval city in the world, Fes is a bustling hive of activity. The medina is a must – a heady mix of aromas, sounds and sights from the tanneries, spice tubs, carpets, pottery and leather goods. There are still some 200,00 people that live in the Medina, which has an old world feel to it. To navigate, follow the tourist circuits or hire a guide, as it is very easy to get lost within the medina! There are 5 circuits, each with a different colour, each with a different theme, such as palaces and gardens, traditional crafts etc.

The Medina is divided up into 2, Fes el Bali (Old Fes) and Fes el Djedid (new Fes). Fes el Bali is the most intriguing to visit, little alleyways threading their way through the lively souks, a cacophony of bargaining, colourful sights, incredible smells and a variety of local people going about their everyday business. It is the heart of Fes and besides the souks, houses many mosques and monuments.

The tanneries of Fes are incredible to see, leather being soaked in every colour, but be aware of the smell, it is truly pungent! The Medersa Bou Inania is a stunning monument and one of the best Merenid monuments in Morocco. With mosques and minarets, synagogues, cemeteries, beautiful medersas and a palace, there is plenty to do and see in Fes.

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