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50 Kilometres south of Erfoud, the village of Merzouga shows the beginning of Sahara and the huge dunes curve up in spectacular formations. Watching the sun rise or set over the sand dunes of Merzouga may be the most spectacular experience you have on your trip to Morocco.

The Erg Chebbi, the name of these sand dunes, is said to have some of the highest dunes in Morocco about 160 metres. Indeed, the dunes and the desert wildlife are impressive. Merzouga is an excellent base from which to explore the desert and bird-watchers will be enthralled with what they see. In spring, a lake (Dayet Srji) forms near Merzouga which attracts pink flamingos, sheldrake and Kittllitz’s plover. The desert is also the year round environment for many desert reptiles and mammals, including the Algerian sand lizard, Berber skink, jerboa, desert hedgehog and desert fox.

Taking a camel ride is the best way to see the dunes and the vast sandy expanse. Occasional sparse sprigs of grass spring up in the rolling dune formations that seemingly change colour from a golden yellow to a rich red depending on the light of day striking the sand.

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