Stars over the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Photograph taken by Jason George

Stellar Experiences

For an out of this world experience, take a look at some of our celestial treats. Sun Festivals, incredible Meteor Showers and Solar Eclipses.

In Egypt, we offer the opportunity to witness the incredible Abu Simbel Sun Festival. In a fit of precision and architectural egotism, Ramses II had his entire temple carefully angled and oriented in order that the sun’s rays would align twice a year on his date of his ascension to the throne (21 February) and on his birthday (21 October) and illuminate the temples inner sanctum. You can witness this phenomenon on one of our Sun Festival tours.

In neighbouring Jordan, the Perseids meteor shower is a spectacular celestial light show, that has mystified and amazed sky watchers for nearly 2000 years. In August every year, the night sky is lit up by often over 60 meteors per hour, streaking across the darkness. As with all celestial events, the Perseids is best observed in a completely clear night sky and where better than Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, which is renowned for its beautiful blanket of stars.

In Turkey the Draconids Meteor shower is sure to impress. Astronomers predict that viewers will see upwards of 750 meteors an hour; just shy of a full meteorological storm. With experts on hand we sit down to a spellbinding night of stargazing in fairytale Cappadocia.

Solar Eclipses are an amazing natural phenomenon and a beautiful sight to behold.

What better way to add an extra special element to your holiday than planning it to coincide with an eclipse. We are not currently running any eclipse tours please watch this space for up and coming tours in the future! on the go has many years of successfully organising sightseeing and eclipse viewing holidays around the world. In the last few years we have covered many different eclipse destinations including Egypt, Russia, China and India.

Here is our current range of stellar tours to tempt you!

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