A penguin gliding through the water in Antarctica

Marine Life

With 70 percent of the planet's surface under water, there is a whole aquatic world, just waiting to be discovered! Marine life provides some of the world's most incredible wildlife spectacles.

Our Antarctic and Galapagos expeditions are great for whale watching, these gentle giants of the ocean can often be spotted breaching the surface, as can schools of dolphin swimming merrily beside the boats. On shore you can spot Elephant seals, sea lions and walrus as they bask on the rocks or battle on the sands. Not to mention close encounters with penguins - perhaps the world's favourite feathered friends! Visit incredible rookeries and see penguins of all shapes and sizes, from King Penguins in South Georgia to Rockhoppers in the Falklands and Gentoo on the Antarctic Peninsular.

The Red Sea is one of the 'Underwater Wonders of the World', renowned for its excellent diving and snorkelling sites, it is home to an abundance of brightly coloured tropical fish, amazing coral and sea turtles.

If you're on an African adventure, our optional activities include dolphin trips in the azure waters around Zanzibar or whale watching (seasonal)and shark cage diving in South Africa, for the really fearless! South Africa is one of the best destinations worldwide for watching marine mammals, whether from land or from boats, with spectacular annual visits from southern right and humpback whales and enormous pods of dolphins year-round.

We have a range of African and Antarctic Expeditions, Galapagos Cruises and Red Sea holidays in Egypt where you can discover wonderful and diverse marine life. For inspiration we've provided a selection below.

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