A monkey in a tree in the Amazon jungle

Amazon Rainforest

The beautiful Amazon rainforest covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America, the majority of which is contained within Brazil, then Peru and smaller amounts in Ecuador and Bolivia and other South American countries.

Tropical rainforests are the richest of all the world's ecosystems. Although the Amazon covers only about 5% of the earths surface, stretching across 7.8 million kilometres squared, it contains about half of all living species of plants and animals, including hundreds of species of trees and thousands of species of insects, and is vital for the health of the earth, acting as giant lungs.

Sadly, the Amazon is experiencing one of the highest rates of deforestation on the planet. Between August 2003 and 2004, an area the size of Belgium was destroyed. So now is the time to visit this natural marvel, not only to see it while it is still here but to help gain and spread awareness.

Many of our tours of Ecuador and Peru visit the Amazon jungle, where we stay in jungle lodges or on board a riverboat. Spend your time enjoying hiking, swimming, canoeing and photography. Try and spot some of the many mammals from armadillos, honey bears, sloths, to the 60 varieties of bats, tapirs, peccaries, jaguar, monkeys, manatees and much more. Birds are the richest group of Amazon vertebrates, at approximately 1000 species. You may see hummingbirds, toucans, and tanagers on land, and darters, herons and gulls on water. There are naturalists on-hand to ensure you make the most out of your time in this fascinating eco-system. Take a look below at a selection of our tours to the mighty Amazon Jungle and pick the best one for you!

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