Galapagos Islands

The remote Galapagos Islands which lie 1000kms off the coast of Equador in the Pacific Ocean, are a nature lovers paradise. The volcanic archipelago consists of 13 large islands, 6 small ones and scores of islets, which served as a living laboratory for Charles Darwin, the renowned evolution theorist.

Long before Darwin arrived in the Galapagos, seafarers knew these isolated islands as home to some of the strangest and most wonderful wildlife imaginable. The present day Galapagos Islands have a population of around 18,000 people and attract visitors from around the world, in search of close encounters with the diverse and unique array of animal, marine and bird life, from penguins, sea lions and iguanas to comical blue-footed boobies and giant Galapagos tortoises after which the islands were named.

The capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island, although the largest town is Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the most populated of the islands and home to the Charles Darwin Research Station, which conducts tortoise research programmes and conservation work on the islands. The centre houses adult Galapagos Tortoises and a nursery cares for young tortoises until they are about three years old.

From Quito in Equador take a 3 - 7 day cruise on a motor yacht around the stunning Galapagos Islands. Visiting different islands each day, with incredible wildlife encounters and daily opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. We offer a range of South America tours which incorporate the Galapagos Islands. Take your pick from our selection below.

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