Ad Deir, also known as the Monastery, in the rose city of Petra

Rose City of Petra

The Rose City of Petra is the jewel in Jordan’s glittering archaeological crown, and is now one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Accessed on a walk through a narrow, deep and winding cleft in the rock that is known as the Siq, the end prize is the hidden valley where the Rose City of Petra lies. And the first sight to behold is the façade of Al-Kazneh – aka the Treasury of Petra. This rose red building actually served as a royal tomb, but got its name from the legend that pirates hid their treasure there. With a backstory like that and its amazing appearance its no surprise to learn that it was this building that served as the Holy Grail’s resting place In Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

Petra is full of ancient tombs, temples and ruins ripe for modern-day discoverers like us! The intrepid or should we say, very fit, can ascend the myriad stone steps to Ad-Deir, better known as the Monastery to enjoy the fantastic views of the area. Camels and donkeys offer a novel way of getting around, for those that might want to take the weight off their feet.

In all, there are some 800 registered sites in Petra, including some 500 tombs. Just as fascinating as the rock–carved monuments are the strange rocks themselves.. Sandstone shot with minerals burst into colour giving off blue, red, orange and green hues. Amongst the rocky and sometimes jagged scenery, it’s sometimes hard to know what is man–made and what is the result of pure nature.

All of our tours to Jordan visit the marvellous city of Petra, below is a selection of our favourites.

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