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Sitting at the crossroads of ancient civilizations between Arabia and the Mediterranean Sea is the Kingdom of Jordan. Renowned for its stunning desert landscape at Wadi Rum and overflowing with historic sites on the old trade routes, including Crusader castles, Roman ruins and ancient cities, Jordan’s most famous landmark is the Nabataean Rose City of Petra – one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. And let’s not forget a few other gems – both the Dead Sea and the Red Sea!

Travel Unplugged – Top 10 ways to get off the grid

In this digital world we live in, it’s good to know there are still some places left that offer little or absolutely no connectivity at all – no way to get in touch with all those ‘friends’ and followers through … Continue reading

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Simple, tasty recipes of the world – tabbouleh & chicken kebabs

Tabbouleh is a salad that hails from the Middle East, made with bulgar wheat, tomatoes, chopped parsley, mint, lemon juice, shallots, spices and olive oil. You’ll find tabbouleh in numerous Middle Eastern regions, including Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and more. There … Continue reading

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Video of the Week – Wadi Rum Timelapse

The extraordinary landscape of Wadi Rum comes to life in today’s Video of the Week. Wadi Rum Timelapse by Jared J. Kohler on Vimeo A vast and silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and stunning rock formations rising dramatically from the sand, … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – top five festival highlights

Summer is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing an armful of exciting festivals to entertain and delight locals and travellers alike in destinations across the world. And as the seasons change and bring warm weather back to the … Continue reading

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Video of The Week: BeAmman – Around the City

Continuously inhabited since around 6000 BC, Amman (previously known as Philadelphia in ancient times) is a modern and bustling city, typically ‘Middle Eastern’ but simultaneously western-oriented. Although it has surprisingly few ancient ruins, there are some Roman ruins including the … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase: Stunning photos from the Kingdom of Jordan

Take a look at our latest blog from the Kingdom of Jordan – stunning photos from some of the country’s most famous spots. Jordan is a land of great diversity and incredible history, with monuments from Roman and Nabatean times. … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – A few of Jordan’s greatest hits

Tracey went with us to Jordan recently and had these great photos to share. From the majesty of Petra to the delights of learning to cook traditional Jordanian cuisine and experiencing the world’s largest natural open-air spa – The Dead … Continue reading

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Jordan: what to expect

By Matthew Teller Sunshine. That’s one big thing to expect in Jordan. But there’s a few others, too. You could expect a completely unique afternoon in a totally unvisited low-income neighbourhood of East Amman hanging out with local kids, having … Continue reading

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Guest post: Things to do in Madaba, Jordan.

Travel blogger Adam Groffman returns with more from the Kingdom of Jordan. The mosaic city of Madaba is most famous for its 6th century map of the Middle East, but Madaba is actually a surprisingly interesting city worth more than … Continue reading

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Camping overnight in Wadi Rum

Travel blogger Adam Groffman travelled with us to Jordan late last year – here he looks back on an unforgettable night spent in the wide open spaces of Wadi Rum, Jordan. For more of Adam’s work, take a look at … Continue reading

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