Best time to visit Bolivia

Updated: 20th July 2021

Uyuni salt flats after the rain - Bolivia - On The Go Tours
The rain results in these incredible reflections on the Uyuni salt flats

Bolivia at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: The dry season from May - October is considered the best time to visit Bolivia, with dry weather. It can still be chilly at altitude though, so pack warm clothing.

Less popular time to visit: Much of Bolivia sees little rainfall, but generally the wettest months are from December - March. Although Bolivia remains navigable during the wet season, during heavy rain, some areas can become inaccessible. January - March in particular are probably best avoided.

Best time to visit Lake Titicaca: Like much of the country, Lake Titicaca's dry season lasts from May - October, characterised by stunning blue skies and chilly weather.

Best time to visit the Bolivian Amazon: The dry season from May - October sees fewer mosquitos and more accessible wildlife, as creatures are attracted to the main water sources as others dry up.

Best time to visit the Uyuni salt flats: They are spectacular at all times of year, but the wet season from December - April creates a dazzling mirror effect as the rain collects on the surface of the white salt flats.

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Climate | La Paz

Temp Min °C666431123466
Temp Max °C171718181817171718191918
Rainfall (mm)1141076633138101328414894

Climate | Uyuni

Temp Min °C3320-2-3-4-3-1123
Temp Max °C151516171514141516181817
Rainfall (mm)99724217103411242744
Oruro Carnival - Bolivia - On The Go Tours
A Moreno dancer performing during the Oruro Carnival in Bolivia

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