Your safety and security

The safety of our travellers is of utmost importance and we stay up-to-date with the latest travel alerts and advice. In today's current world climate, travel advice does change from time to time and we act accordingly. As a British-based company, we follow the advice as set out by the British Foreign Office.

We will only cancel tours when the FCO advises 'against all travel' to a country. This rarely happens though at other times we may have to make changes to our itineraries to avoid specific areas of a country where advice against all travel has been issued. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on tour changes and cancellations.

All travel involves some risk and travellers should familiarise themselves with the latest travel advice for the country they are visiting and make a personal assessment as to whether the level of safety is satisfactory to them, prior to booking.

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Travel Advice by Country

Certain destinations have seen more uncertainty than others in recent years and we have country-specific travel advice pages where appropriate. On these pages you will find more detailed information on the latest advisories and how these affect our tours.

Buddha statues in Colombo - Sri Lanka Tours - On The Go Tours

Sri Lanka Travel Advice

In light of the recent bombings across Sri Lanka, we're monitoring the situation and you can find details of how this is affecting our tours here.

Hagia Sofia - Turkey Tours - On The Go Tours

Turkey Travel Advice

Turkey's proximity to Syria affects the far east of the country but the rest of the country is open for tourism. Here you will find full details on travel advice in Turkey.

Abu Simbel with bright blue sky - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours

Egypt Travel Advice

Egypt has been the victim of several security incidents in recent years but travellers are happily returning to the classic route of Egypt's ancient wonders.

Petra monastery with spring flowers - Jordan - Best time to visit Middle East

Jordan Travel Advice

Jordan's proximity to Syria is not cause for concern in the popular touring destinations but travel advice is in place for the border region - more details here.

Temple on the Rock at sunset in Jerusalem - Israel Tours - On The Go Tours

Israel Travel Advice

The ongoing conflict between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories does not generally affect travel arrangements but here we keep abreast of latest events.

View of Mt Fuji - Cherry blossom in Japan - On The Go Tours

Japan Travel Advice

Due to its location on fault lines, Japan experiences frequent seismic activity. Here we provide more information and updates when earthquakes occur.