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Head to Africa and beyond to discover our planet's amazing wild creatures

Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy close encounters with some of the world’s most incredible creatures. Whether it's tracking tigers in India, spotting mountain gorillas in Uganda, admiring bathing elephants in Sri Lanka or watching cute and clumsy giant pandas in China, our wildlife holidays will get you to the heart of the action.

For the classic animal adventure, it's hard to look beyond an African safari. Africa is home to an abundance of wildlife including the Big 5 - lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. A large swathe of the continent is covered in national parks, and we offer both camping safaris and lodge accommodated safari tours which visit reserves including the mighty Serengeti in Tanzania, Chobe in Botswana and the Masai Mara in Kenya. We have a number of itineraries suited for wildlife lovers, where your trip is based around spotting wildlife. On other trips there's the opportunity to spend time in national parks whilst still taking in the main sights of interest in a country, so there's plenty of animal encounters available for culture vultures as well.

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The best of African wildlife

Home to a host of unique species and icons of our natural world, Africa is the ultimate wildlife destination, with safaris the favoured method of exploration. Check out some of the incredible animals you can expect to see on our Africa holidays.

Addo Lions- Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours


The undisputed King of the Jungle, lions actually live out in the open African plains and grasslands in large prides. On our overland safaris, you'll have a great chance of spotting a pride hanging out in the shade or playfully rolling around with their cubs.

Recommended Tour:
Tanzania & Zanzibar

Herd of elephants - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours

African Elephant

One of the Big 5, there's nothing quite like seeing a beautiful herd of elephants in the wild, trumpeting loudly and spraying water over thier backs to keep cool. Chobe National Park in Botswana has one of the greatest concentrations and is our top pick for an elephant safari.

Recommended Tour:
Etosha, Okavango & Chobe

Leopard - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours


It's not easy to spot a well-camouflaged leopard, but keep your eyes focused on the trees and the long grasses of the bush, and head out at night for the best chance to spot this elusive big cat. We recommend Kruger in South Africa and Samburu in Kenya.

Recommended Tour:
Safari in South Africa

Botswana-Lodge-Explorer-2013-Secondary5-Lodge Safaris

Black Rhino

Sadly, the Black Rhino is critically endangered, though conservation has improved the species' situation. The best chances to spot them come at Kruger National Park in South Africa and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe where they can be found grazing peacefully.

Recommended Tour:
Sensational South Africa

Buffalo - dreamstine - On The Go Tours


Rounding out the Big 5 is the beautiful buffalo. Famously aggressive and often a match for lions, these bad-tempered giants can be found grazing in huge herds across southern and eastern Africa, from the Okavango Delta in Botswana, to the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kruger in South Africa.

Recommended Tour:
Kenya and Tanzania Trails

Hungry Hippo Okavango


Hippopotamus comes from the Ancient Greek "River Horse", and Africa's waterways are a great place to spot this species. The Luangwa River flowing through Zambia's South Luangwa National Park is our recommended place to spot them in the wild.

Recommended Tour:
Zambia to Nairobi (Accommodated)


Mountain Gorillas

Get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the jungle in their natural habitat - the dense tropical forests of Uganda. Trek into the steamy jungle and watch from a safe distance as some of our closest ancestors go about their lives.

Recommended Tour:
Lake Nakuru, Uganda & Gorillas

Running Cheetah - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours


Sprinting in short bursts at over 100 km per hour, the impressive speed of the cheetah sets it apart from all other big cats. The open grasslands of Tanzania's Serengeti, South Africa's Kruger and Kenya's Masai Mara are best for sightings.

Recommended Tour:
East Africa Explorer

Wildebeest Migration - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tou


For something truly spectacular, time your visit to Africa around the Great Migration when thousands upon thousands of wildebeest migrate across the plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara in eastern Africa.

Recommended Tour:
Kenya Wildlife Week

Zebra and Baby - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours


Few things are more recognisable than the black and white stripes of the zebra and you'll see large concentrations in the Masai Mara in Kenya, typically alongside lots of wildebeest.

Recommended Tour:
Zanzibar & Tanzania (Accommodated)

Giraffe and baby- Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours


Possibly the most likeable of all African animals, you're bound to see lots of giraffe lazily munching the leaves off tree tops on most safaris in Africa with Etosha in Namibia being top of the list.

Recommended Tour:
Southern Africa Falls to Cape



It's a special moment seeing a flamboyance of flamingos with their pink shimmering reflections at the water's edge and it's hard to see past Lake Nakuru in Kenya as a top spot to do so.

Recommended Tour:
Kenya Up Close

Wildlife from around the world

Africa's not the only place you'll find wildlife with every continent on the planet offering a unique selection of animals from the north to the south poles and all four corners. Here are some of our top picks of wildlife elsewhere in the world.



Head to one of India's many national parks for a chance to spot tigers in wild, supporting conservation along the way.

Recommended Tour:
Golden Triangle & Tigers

Leopard in Yala


Surprising but true, Sri Lanka's Yala National Park has the largest concentration of leopard in the world.

Recommended Tour:
Wild About Sri Lanka


Asian Elephants

With smaller ears than their African cousins, see Asian elephants in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and further East.

Recommended Tour:
Colombo Caves & Kandy



Come face to face with China's favourite mascot at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Recommended Tour:
Hong Kong to Beijing

South Georgia Island - Antarctica - On The Go Tours


Head to Punta Arenas in Chile, Boulders Beach near Cape Town in South Africa or the wilds of Antarctica.

Recommended Tour:
Classic Antarctica

Svalbard Explorer main image - Polar bear on the pack ice - Svalbard - Norway

Polar bears

The remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is home to more polar bears than people!

Recommended Tour:
Wild Wonders of the Arctic

Pod of Killer Whales (Orcas) - Iceland


Spot orcas, blue whales, humpbacks and more on a trip to Iceland during the warmer summer months.

Recommended Tour:
Iceland North & South



Take a cruise around the pristine Galapagos Islands, a nature lover's paradise and home to the marine iguana.

Recommended Tour:
Galapagos Encounters


Alpacas & Llamas

What better way to cap off your trek to Machu Picchu than by sharing the incredible view with a llama or alpaca.

Recommended Tour:
Lima to La Paz

Jordan Wildlife & Nature main image - Arabian Oryx

Arabian Oryx

Visit Shaumari Wildlife Reserve in Jordan to see rare Arabian Oryx as you enjoy a thrilling jeep safari.

Recommended Tour:
Jordan Wildlife & Nature

Safari in Sri Lanka

Outside of Africa, Sri Lanka is probably the world's best safari destination. The country is home to the "Big Four" - elephant, leopard, sloth bear, and blue whale, all of which can be seen on a tour of the country.

The most impressive wildlife sight in Sri Lanka is probably the huge herds of elephants that grace some of the country's national parks, including Minneriya, Yala, and Udawalawe. Travellers on our Sri Lanka tours will have the opportunity to see these gentle giants for themselves.

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Find out more

If you would like more information about the elephants of Sri Lanka, then have a read of this useful booklet by author David Alderton and writer and dancer Akara Heart.

It's packed with information about this incredible species, including where they can be found in Sri Lanka, their importance to Sri Lankan culture and details about the animals themselves, including what their tusks are for, and what causes a white elephant to be born. You can read the booklet here.

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