Ankara through the Ages - 1/2 day


Gain insight into Ankara’s ancient past with a tour of the famed Anatolian Civilizations Museum; explore the iconic hilltop Citadel of Ankara; and pay your respects to the founder of modern Turkey at the Mausoleum of Ataturk on this Turkey Half Day Tour.

All our day tours are guaranteed to depart when bookings are made more than 96 hours prior to departure.

Day 1: Ankara
Start the day at the world-famous Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Housed in a wonderfully restored 15th-century covered market, the museum is a treasure trove of ancient artefacts and relics from early Anatolian civilizations. Starting with the Palaeolithic era the exhibits continue in chronological order to the Ottoman Empire, and include sculptures, reliefs, furniture, metalwork, and much more. There is also an ancient Greek and Roman exhibit and an informative display of the city’s history.

Next head to the most recognizable landmark in the city, the impressive Citadel of Ankara, set on a hilltop overlooking the city below. Within the thick walls of the hisar find winding streets, beautifully restored buildings, ancient mosques, and castle towers. Explore the citadel on foot and admire panoramic views of Ankara from one of the many vantage points. Later visit the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the burial place of the founder and first president of the modern Republic of Turkey.
Tour Details
  • Starts in: 9:00 in Ankara / Ends in: 13:00 in Ankara
  • Departs: Daily
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:0, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 0
  • Tour Guide: Yes
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