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ANZAC Day ToursDedicated ANZAC group tours to Gallipoli

ANZAC Day group tours

Our ANZAC Day tours all start in Istanbul, with the exception of Egypt & Gallipoli for ANZAC Day. From Istanbul, you will be transferred to Gallipoli where you will attend the poignant Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove. Australians can then pay their respects at the Lone Pine Memorial Service, whilst New Zealanders will be transferred to Chunuk Bair for the memorial service here.

Our 4-day ANZAC Express itinerary concludes after the Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove with visits to some of the cemeteries and a return transfer to Istanbul. But our longer itineraries continue to explore the country, with sightseeing of Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and nearby Egypt. These tours are fully escorted by our expert tour guides and stay in quality 4-star hotels.

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Visit the Gallipoli Peninsula on ANZAC Day with On The Go Tours

Commemorate our brave heroes on one of our dedicated ANZAC Day group tours

Experience ANZAC Day at Gallipoli in 2025 with On The Go Tours. 25th of April 2025 marks the 110th anniversary of our brave ANZACs landing on the shores of ANZAC Cove. Every year for almost two decades now we've been operating tours to the Gallipoli Peninsula for the ANZAC Day Commemorations that honor the 36,000 Commonwealth servicemen who died here during the campaign.

For 2025 we have a range of award-winning ANZAC Day tours between 4 - 15 days with varied itineraries to suit everyone. These include our 4-day express tour, as well as longer itineraries that include sightseeing in Turkey. From the Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque in Istanbul to Ephesus, Troy, and Cappadocia, you can take in all the highlights of Turkey alongside your ANZAC Day trip. You can even combine your visit with a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings.

But whichever trip you choose, all of our tours include attendance at the Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove on 25 April, as well as visits to some of the war memorials and battlefields in the area. So, whether you're looking for something short and sweet or a longer ANZAC Day tour that takes in the best of Turkey and Egypt, we can help. This is a really poignant and unforgettable experience.

The Gallipoli Campaign

ANZAC Day commemorates those 36,000 Australian and New Zealand service personnel who tragically lost their lives during the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign, a vicious nine-month conflict fought between the Allies and the Turks during the First World War. Our ANZAC Day tours allow travelers to pay their respects to the fallen at ANZAC Cove and the other cemeteries and ANZAC Day services across the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Frequently asked questions

What is ANZAC Day?

Held on the 25 April each year, ANZAC Day is the anniversary of the day that ANZAC forces landed in Gallipoli during a vicious campaign against the Turks in the First World War. During the nine-month conflict, more than 36,000 Australian and New Zealand troops were killed, and the vast majority are buried in Gallipoli, at several large cemeteries and memorials. For many Australian and New Zealand families, making the trip to Gallipoli for the ANZAC Day service is an important milestone, a chance to honor lost relatives and pay respects. We run our ANZAC trips every year, and have taken hundreds of travelers to the Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove, as well as the ANZAC commemorative site.

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ANZAC Day 2025: the 110th anniversary

With over two decades of experience running tours to the Gallipoli Peninsula on ANZAC Day, our tour guides, representatives and leaders work with us year in year out. They know the best spots and best traffic routes, allowing you to get the most out of your day. Many of our tours include a boat cruise on the Bosphorus as well as guided touring of some of the First World War battlefields and memorials. And on all of our trips, you'll attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove.

Highlights of Turkey

The kind-hearted hospitality of the locals is unlike anywhere else. Whether you're being offered a cup of traditional Turkish tea or chatting about local life and Turkish culture, you'll leave with the fondest memories. And that's not the only thing that stands out about our Turkey trips. From Istanbul's Blue Mosque to the underground cities of Cappadocia, here are some of the country's main highlights, and places you simply can't leave Turkey without visiting.

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