Ecuador Travel Guide

If Ecuador is next on your holiday list, start your preparations with our travel guide. Here you'll find lots of useful information on everything from when to go and what to see as well as details on what visas you'll need to get there. In our Top Travel Tips section you'll find a wealth of topics covered from what plugs you'll need over there to whether you should leave a tip at restaurants. You can also find out more about the style of our tours to South America and see what multi-country touring options we offer that include Ecuador and some of its neighbours.

Best places to visit in Ecuador - On The Go Tours

Best Places to Visit

Don't miss these top attractions that include colonial towns and rainforests

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Best Time to Visit

Plan when to go with our overview of the seasons, weather and festivals


Top Travel Tips

Plenty of info on everything you need to know from health to money, food to voltage


Multi-Country Tours

Available touring combinations in South America that feature Ecuador and more


Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for travellers to Ecuador and information on getting your visa

Travelling by boat into the depth of Amazon Jungles in Cuyabeno National Park, Ecuador

Visiting the Amazon Rainforest

Plan your visit to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with this handy guide

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Get to know Ecuador

Recommended Reading

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    by Moritz Thomsen
  • The Panama Hat Trail
    by Tom Miller
  • Cumanda
    by Juan Leon Mera
Did you know...?

Facts about Ecuador

  • Mount Chimborazo's peak in Ecuador is the closest point to space due to the slightly non-spherical shape of our planet.
  • The Panama hat is actually from Ecudaor but were shipped to the US via Panama and received Panama stamps.
  • One of Ecuador's delicacies is guinea pig, which are much larger than the varieties we're used to keeping as pets.

Ecuador Travel Advice

We keep informed of the latest travel updates for Ecuador and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Useful Online Resources:

The official Ecuador Tourist Organisation site and the latest Ecuador Weather Updates from the BBC.