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Our Alaska trips run in the summer months when we can camp and enjoy the great outdoors like hiking, sea kayaking or ice climbing. You will be spoiled with 18 to 20 hours of daylight and daytime temperatures between 14-25 but it is colder at night.

June: The longest days of the year come in the month of June. The sun does set below the horizon at Anchorage and the surrounding areas below the Arctic Circle, but it will never get completely dark. You will experience why Alaska is called the land of the midnight sun! The beginning of June can sometimes still be chilly and you might spot some snow piles in shady areas. That being said, if you follow our guidelines for what to pack, you’ll be comfortable throughout the trip.

July: Days are still long and on average this is probably the warmest and driest out of the four summer months. July starts berry season and where there’s berries, there are usually bears chomping away on hundreds of thousands of these delectable treats. Along with the berries, the salmon runs are finding their way along the shorelines and into the world-renowned Kenai and Russian Rivers. Anglers will test their skill along with their courage, as brown bears love to watch the local fly fisherman catch a potential meal.

August: Nights will bring some hours of darkness and at the end of the month in some regions temperatures during night might get a bit chilly, all the more reason to build ourselves a beautiful campfire. The highest peaks will get their first dusting of snow, which amplifies the amazing scenery. By August, the mosquitos have almost tapered off completely and rainfall can be more common. The salmon are running up all rivers and streams and the ecosystem is saturated with an abundance of food sources.

Anchorage Climate | Alaska

Temp Min °C-13-12-2-24912106-2-9-11
Temp Max °C-6-31713171818124-3-4
Rainfall (mm)181716101826487365502631

Salt Lake City Climate | Utah

Temp Min °C-7-4038131817115-1-6
Temp Max °C261116222833322619103
Rainfall (mm)283149544624212233373336

Las Vegas | Nevada

Temp Min °C1471116212323191261
Temp Max °C141721263138413935281914
Rainfall (mm)131110555111486118

Jackson Hole | Wyoming

Temp Min °C-16-14-11-6-13651-4-9-15
Temp Max °C-30391520262519133-2
Rainfall (mm)503535355148273336324145
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