Best Time to Visit the United Kingdom

Common seals at Islay - Scotland - UK

UK at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: The warmer months of May - September offer the best weather for visiting the UK, with long days and less rainfall. The summer holidays from mid-July - end of August are a busy time to visit, meaning May, June and September are recommended as the best months!

Less popular time to visit: The winter months from November - February can be cold, particularly in northern England and Scotland, where snowfall is possible. Furthermore, days are short, and there is more rain further south. However, Christmas markets in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast and elsewhere can be a great excuse to visit the UK in winter!

Exciting time to visit: Consider visiting Northern Ireland for St Patrick's Day on 17 March. The whole island of Ireland erupts in green, Guinness flowing and a jovial atmosphere. It's a great time to explore Ireland, and there are often festivities over the Irish Sea in England, Scotland and Wales too!

Wettest time to visit: The rumours are true... in the UK, it rains, a lot! It's best to always be prepared for a shower, whichever corner of the Kingdom you are visiting. As a general rule, October and November are the wettest months, whilst spring and summer from April - September are the driest months, but expect rain at some point during your trip, it's all part of the UK experience!

Best time to spot wildlife in the Scottish Islands: Although the UK isn't a wildlife destination, the Scottish Islands boast the country's highest densities of wildlife. In the summer months from June - August, it is possible to see whales, dolphins and basking sharks off the coast, whilst the longer days are perfect for spotting golden eagles and white-tailed eagles, not to mention red squirrels, hare and deer.

Climate | London

Temp Min °C3346912141412963
Temp Max °C671013172022211914107
Rainfall (mm)523935435043414849716353

Climate | Edinburgh

Temp Min °C11236911119732
Temp Max °C5691114171919161397
Rainfall (mm)705070405060705070807070

Climate | Belfast

Temp Min °C22346911117543
Temp Max °C6691115171918161397
Rainfall (mm)806080505070708080908080

Climate | Cardiff

Temp Min °C3244710121211954
Temp Max °C76912151820201814108
Rainfall (mm)906090403040406050707070
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