Easter Breaks 2015

Gather the Easter eggs and fly the coop in 2015 – On The Go Tours has a large selection of exciting tours on offer so don’t delay! Maximise those bank holidays and extend your break to a holiday in Southeast Asia, Russia, Jordan, India, Egypt and beyond... Whether you're looking for adventure, sightseeing, cultural discovery, wild encounters, relaxation on the beach or all of these things - we've got the tour for you!


Easter Breaks to...


Head to sunny Egypt for Easter!


With quality 4 and 5 star hotels and degree qualified Egyptologist guides, explore the land of the Pharaohs in style this Easter with On The Go Tours.


A camel man at the Pyramids of GizaDeparts: 27 Mar & 03 Apr 2015

Jewel of the Nile: 10 days - premium tour


Departs: 28 Mar & 04 Apr 2015

King Tutankhamen: 9 days

King Ramses: 13 days

Road to Jordan: 17 days

Classic Family Adventure: 10 days - family

Pharaohs & Beaches: 13 days - family 


Departs: 31 Mar 2015

Pharaoh’s Adventure: 6 days

                                                             Pharaoh's Adventure With Teens - family

                                                             Egypt Unplugged: 11 days

                                                             Egypt Unplugged With Teens - family

                                                             Sandblaster: 13 days





Touring Jordan at Easter


Experience Jordan's breathtaking sights and rich culture this Easter. Expore Roman ruins and crusader castles, discover the incredible rose city of Petra and float on the Dead Sea.


The facade on the monastery in Petra is similar to that of the Treasury

Departs: 05 Apr 2015

Passage to Petra: 6 days


Departs: 04 Apr 2015

Totally Jordan: 8 days

Deserts, Ruins & Reefs: 11 days

Road to Jerusalem: 11 days








Easter in India


From the regal palaces of legendary Rajasthan to the steps of the marble Taj Mahal - India beckons this Easter. Ride an elephant, take a balloon flight, go in search of tigers and more.


The beautiful Taj Mahal in AgraDeparts: 04 Apr 2015

Taj Traveller: 8 days

Deserts, Palaces, Ganges: 13 days

Highway to Himalayas: 18 days

Delhi to Darjeeling: 18 days


Departs: 28 Mar 2015

Taj Express: 8 days

Shere Khan: 9 days

Golden Triangle & Goa: 14 days
Passage to India: 15 days


                                                               Departs: 25 Mar 2015

                                                               Taj & Raj: 11 days




Easter holidays to Morocco

Explore atmospheric Marrakech and the incredible UNESCO-listed Aït Benhaddou, wander through the labyrinthine souks of Fes and soak up the sunshine in Essaouira this Easter. 


Ait Benhaddou, a Kasbah in Morocco, surrounded by lush palm trees

Departs 28 Mar 2015

Camels, Souks & Kasbahs: 15 days


Departs: 04 Apr 2015

Totally Morocco - 10 days

Marrakech & Beyond: 8 days

Kasbahs and Coast: 11 days

1001 Berber Nights: 9 days - family tour

Morocco with Teens: 8 days - family tour








Easter adventures in Southeast Asia


A Southeast Asian adventure awaits this Easter. Meet Thailand's hill tribes, sail around Vietnam's stunning Halong Bay, explore time worn temples in Laos, Cambodia's truly amazing Angkor Wat and more!


Amazing Angkor Wat - the highlight of every tour of Cambodia.  Departs: 04 Apr 2015

  Time for Thailand: 10 days

  Very Vietnam: 10 days

  Bangkok Beach & Beyond: 14 days

  Journey to Angkor Wat: 15 days

  Vietnam with Teens: 10 days - family tour

  Thailand with Teens: 10 days - family tour


  Departs: 28 Mar 2015 

  Highlights of Laos: 8 days

  Inside Indochina: 22 days





Easter tours to China


Explore bustling Beijing, enter the Forbidden City and climb the Great Wall. Tackle a Terracotta Warrior, shop in Shanghai and cruise on the Yangtze River this Easter.


The Chinese Monument on the Great Wall of China in BadalingDeparts: 04 Apr 2015

China Express: 7 days

Great Wall and Warriors: 9 days

Yin and Yangtze: 15 days

Gateway to Tibet: 11 days

China with Teens: 9 days - family tour

Warriors & Dragons: 10 days - family tour


Departs: 28 Mar 2015

Chinese Checkers: 11 days

Hutongs to Hong Kong: 13 days

Fine China: 13 days





Easter tours to Russia


Marvel at Moscow's wildly colourful St Basil's Cathedral and mighty Kremlin, admire artwork at the Hermitage in St Petes and explore the beautiful palaces of the tsars this Easter.


The Church on Spilled BloodDeparts: 04 Apr 2015

Russian Revolution: 9 days













Easter holidays to Himalayas


The snow-capped mountains, time-worn temples and the Buddhist stupas of Nepal and Tibet never fail to inspire and fire the imagination, so head to the Himalayas this Easter for sightseeing or trekking.


The 7th Century Jokhang Temple - Tibet's holiest shrine


Departs: 03 Apr 2015

Nepal Encompassed: 9 days

Annapurna Panorama: 13 days - trek


Departs: 02 Apr 2015

Highlights of Lhasa: 9 days

Nepal to Tibet: 14 days


Departs: 27 Mar 2015

Everest Base Camp: 17 days - trek

Everest & Gokyo Lakes: 20 days - trek





Easter tours to South America


Visit the oldest Hacienda in Ecuador, shop in the Otavalo market, hike to Machu Picchu, see the salt flats of Bolivia, explore the Amazon jungle and more...your Easter adventure awaits.


The ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru - a must see on any Peru Tour


Departs: 04 Apr 2015

Machu Warrior 7 days

Peruvian Poncho: 8 days

Ecuador Express: 13 days

Trails to Titicaca: 15 days

Road to Rio: 16 days

Lima llama Land: 21 days


Departs: 29 Mar 2015

Speedy Gonzales: 10 days






Easter Safaris and tours to Africa


See the world’s most prolific concentration of wildlife at home in their natural habitat, travel through stunning landscapes and enjoy lazy days in Zanzibar this Easter.


Proud lion!Departs: 04 Apr 2015

Zebras & Zanzibar: 11 days

Gorilla & Game Trek: 15 days

Cape to Falls: 22 days

Wildlife Express: 22 days


Departs: 30 Mar 2015

Safari Safari: 11 days

East Africa Encompassed: 16 days


Departs: 28 Mar 2015

Falls to Joburg: 12 days

                                                               Wildlife Beach & Falls: 15 days





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