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Updated: 23rd August 2023

Tikal in Guatemala - Best time to visit - On The Go Tours
The ancient ruins of Tikal can be visited at any time of year

Seasons and Weather

The temperatures in Guatemala are similar to other northern hemisphere countries, where it's warmer in summer (July/August) and cooler in winter (December/January). Cool nights and mornings are typical of December through to February along with clear and sunny days. In the Guatemalan Highlands temperatures at night time are quite cool (Antigua, Lake Atitlan and especially Quetzaltenango). For example December/January nights in the highlands can drop to zero centigrade. Generally, the hottest time in Guatemala will be the months of April to May before the rain comes.

There is a rainy season throughout Central America which starts around May/June and gradually works its way through until September and even sometimes October. Don't be put off by the term rainy season, as this generally only means sporadic downpours a couple of times a day. Of course there are times when this is not the case but it is fairly rare for continual rain to persist. The only place where rain is almost guaranteed is Rio Dulce, located in the middle of the rainforest. Here the rainy season sometimes continues until February.

Climate | Guatemala City

Temp Min °C121214141616161616161413
Temp Max °C232527282927262626242322
Rainfall (mm)831331152274203198231173238

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