Best time to visit Ireland

Ha Penny Bridge Dublin - Ireland
Visit Dublin in March to join the St Patrick's Day celebrations!

Ireland at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland see four distinct seasons. For the warmest weather, the summer months from June - August are best. But these are peak season in Ireland, with bigger crowds and higher prices. The months of spring, from March - May and autumn from September - November may be slightly cooler and a bit wetter, but your holiday money will go further and crowds will be reduced. It's worth bearing in mind that Ireland is a wet country, and even in summer there tends to be plenty of rain - waterproofs are essential!

Less popular time to visit: Although December can be a fun time to visit and join the festive sprit, many hotels in rural parts of Ireland will be closed from January - February, and the weather at this time of year is generally cold and damp.

St Patrick's Day: The most popular time of year to visit for many people, Ireland erupts into celebration (and a lot of Guinness drinking) on March 17 to celebrate St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Hotel and flight prices rocket around this time, but it's an incredibly fun time to spend a few days in Dublin, in particular.

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Climate | Dublin | Republic of Ireland

Temp Min °C3345710121210855
Temp Max °C771011151719191713108
Rainfall (mm)706070505070508060806080

Climate | Belfast | Northern Ireland

Temp Min °C22346911117543
Temp Max °C6691115171918161397
Rainfall (mm)806080505070708080908080
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