A group squeezed into a two man tent, camping on the shores of Lake Malawi

Camping Out

Enjoy the great outdoors, getting back to basics and soaking up the scenery.

There’s no better way to get in tune with the wildlife of Africa than camping out in a game reserve – with a night time lullaby of baboon cries and snuffling warthogs and a morning wake up call of melodic birdsong, it’s a magical experience.

Why not live like a famous Antarctic explorer and camp out for a night amongst the penguins and seals or try out a few days in the life of a Nomadic Mongolian herder moving from Ger to Ger. Experience the cultures of the Bedouin in Jordan and Egypt by camping in the desert, get to know the Berbers in Morocco by accompanying them on their bi-annual migration or trek in the stunning scenery of the Sarhro and Sahara.

Whether its bedding down by the impressive Lake Baikal in Russia, or under a blanket of stars in Jordan's Wadi Rum or even on the snow in Antarctica, you’re sure to have a holiday to remember. Browse below for some of the best camping out adventures

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