The best time to visit Zimbabwe

Updated: 20th January 2023

Vic Falls in Zimbabwe - Best time to visit
Victoria Falls can be visited year-round with varying water levels

Zimbabwe at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: May - October. This is when Zimbabwe is at its driest and temperatures are warm but not scorching like they are later in the year. Zimbabwe is considered a year round destination, however.

Less popular time to visit: December - February are the wettest months, but there is really no bad time to visit Zimbabwe!

Best time for wildlife: July - October is peak game viewing season, with animals crowding around the few remaining water sources in national parks. November - March is birdwatching season, with many lodges boasting they'll show you 50 native and migratory species before breakfast!

Best time to visit Victoria Falls: You'll want to visit the mighty falls when they're at their fullest from February - May, with March in particular tending to offer the best spectacle. For more detail, check out our guide to visiting Victoria Falls.

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Climate | Hwange

Temp Min °C232321191412111420242423
Temp Max °C333231312826263034363433
Rainfall (mm)103806415500011054159

Climate | Harare

Temp Min °C17161513977912151616
Temp Max °C262626262422222428292826
Rainfall (mm)19017399351021173695183

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