Perseids Meteor Shower - 8 days

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Witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower from our desert camp at Wadi Rum, where you will spend two nights star gazing, when the Meteor Shower is at its peak! Combine this amazing celestial event with Roman ruins, Crusader castles, floating in the Dead Sea and exploring the ruins at the Rose City of Petra. All of this in eight totally amazing days!

Day 1: Amman
Saturday 08 Aug 2015. Welcome to Jordan and the start of an amazing adventure. Arrive Amman, included transfer to our hotel and overnight. Overnight - Amman
The roman ruins of Jerash - great south theatre
Day 2: Jerash
Amman - Jerash - Umm Qais - Amman. Heading north, we visit Jerash, the Graeco-Roman city known as the ‘Pompeii of the East’. Built over 2,000 years ago, Jerash is widely regarded as the best-preserved city of the Decapolis, a confederation of 10 Roman cities dating from the 1st century! We’ll explore the site taking in the colonnaded street, amphitheatre, nymphaeum, forum and more before continuing to Umm Qais (Gadara), a dramatic black-basalt Roman city of the Decapolis with panoramic views over the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Overnight - Amman (B)
Perseids Meteor Shower - 8 days Go Guide : :Check out the go guide for details of the tour, info on visas, climate, money, what to bring and more!
A meteor shower in Wadi Rum
Amman - Mt Nebo - Madaba - Wadi Rum. This morning we visit Mt Nebo - the single most important biblical site in Jordan. Having led the Israelites for 40 years through the wilderness, Moses finally saw, from his vantage point, the Promised Land, that God forbid him to set foot in. We too can enjoy the excellent views offered of the Jordan River Valley, the northern shore of the Dead Sea, Jericho on the opposite bank and (on clear days) the towers on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. We then proceed to Madaba, a bustling Muslim-Christian market town. Famed for it’s Byzantine mosaics, including the fascinating map of the Holy Land made in the 6th century out of two million stone pieces and now housed in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, Madaba, its mosaics, quaint village shops and local market are all here to explore.

Later, we arrive in Wadi Rum, we enjoy a jeep safari through the area once favoured by the legendery Lawrence of Arabia and his Arab uprising. Wadi Rum is a vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds, pastel coloured stretches of sandy desert and amazing rock formations known as jebels that rise from the desert floor, the desertscape of Wadi Rum represents some of the most stunning countryside on the planet.

Tonight, we enjoy a Jordanian dinner before the stargazing begins. The Perseids shower occurs once a year and has been observed for the last 2000 years. At it's peak the meteors rain down at a rate of about 60 meteors per hour. The clear and night sky of the Jordanian desert is the ideal place from which to view these celestial wonders. The Perseids were traditionally known as the "tears of St Lawrence" because they often appeared around the saint's feast day. Overnight - Wadi Rum (B, D)
On a camel safari through the Wadi Rum Desert
Today we get the chance to experience Wadi Rum as the Bedouins do - by camel. Until recently, the Bedouins were a nomadic people who made their living through looking after their herds of goats. Although most of the Bedouins have now become villagers, they still rely on the goats for the milk, yoghurt and cheese, and some families do return for a part of the year to a wandering existence, minding their flocks. As we ride through Wadi Rum on camel back we have a chance to see some of the desert wildlife including many small birds and various Geckos and Agamas, including the striking bright blue Agama. Then it's back to the camp for relaxation and dinner, before another night of amazing meteor showers and star gazing. Overnight - Wadi Rum (B, L, D)
The Monastry at Petra
Wadi Rum - Petra. This morning we set out for Petra. Chief among Jordan’s many archaeological riches is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rose City of Petra. The city was first settled around the 6th century BC by the Nabataean tribe from Western Arabia. Rediscovered in 1812, it remains on the list of many travellers. We access the hidden archaeological treasures of the Rose City on a walk through a narrow, deep siq, where the rocks finally give way to reveal the famous facade of Al-Khazneh (the Treasury). Continuing our walk, we’ll then go on to explore chunks of this fantastic once-lost city which is full of tombs, temples, an impressive amphitheatre and a Roman colonnaded street. The intrepid can ascend the hundreds of rock-cut steps to Ad-Deir. Better known as the Monastery, Ad-Deir has a similar facade to that of the Treasury, but is far bigger and the views from the nearby cliff-tops are awesome. Want to learn how to cook Middle Eastern food? Consider opting for our Petra Kitchen bolt-on tonight! Overnight - Petra (B)
Enjoy another day in Wadi Musa (the town where Petra is located) and explore the local town or venture back into Petra itself for more exploration. If the climb to the Monastery wasn't too daunting perhaps today climb to the High Place of Sacrifice for a spectacular view over the complex of Petra or opt to visit the site via the secret road of the Bedioun Overnight - Petra (B)
Head below sea level to swim in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea
Petra - Shobak - Dead Sea - Madaba. Today it's an early start as we head the Dead Sea for a chance to take a dip in the mineral-rich waters. We will also visit Shobak Castle en route, a Crusader fortress built in the 12th Century by Baldwin I of Jerusalem. At its height Shobak was home to some 6000 Christians. Perched on a small hill north east of the town of Shobak the fortress despite its age still to this day has an impressive facade.

Afterwards we drive to Madaba where there is a chance to do some final sightseeing and souvenir buying – why not get a miniature mosaic from one of the gift shops? Or perhaps just relax in a café or bar and watch the world go by. Overnight - Madaba (B)
Day 8: Madaba
Saturday 15 Aug 2015. Madaba - Amman Airport. Explore Madaba your way, before hotel check-out and included onward departure transfer to Amman's Queen Alia airport. (B)

The Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseids meteor shower is a spectacular celestial light show, that has mystified and amazed sky watchers for nearly 2000 years. At its peak, the night sky is lit up by often over 60 meteors per hour, streaking across the darkness. As with all celestial events, the Perseids is best observed in a completely clear night sky and where better than Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, which is renowned for its beautiful blanket of stars. You can witness the incredible Perseids Meteor shower from our desert camp in Wadi Rum, where you will spend two incredible nights star-gazing.
Tour Details
  • Starts in: Amman / Ends in: Madaba
  • Departs: Sat 08 Aug 2015
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:7, Lunch: 1, Dinner: 2
  • Hotel Rating: 4 star and deluxe camp in Wadi Rum
  • Tour Guide: Yes, escorted by a tour guide
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