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Tintin Holidays - and what they are about

Created in a collaboration and exclusive association with Moulinsart, the rights holders to the work of works of Hergé , these holidays are a tremendous combination of travel today and the original Tintin trail. Expert local guides make sure you get to know the destinations well and have a great time while you are at it; while well-known Tintinologists and members of the Moulinsart team personally accompany the expeditions. Bringing immense knowledge and passion, their insights about Hergé and his inspirations, as well as their perspectives on what these countries were like when he created the albums, will be a rich and indisputable treat for any Tintin fan.


And as Tintin and his colourful entourage manage to charm just about everybody aged 7 to 77, we’ve designed the adventures to suit all ages and degrees of Tintin mania – from true aficionados to the everyday fan.


We have specially designed Tintin holidays for families with children aged 7 to 12 as well as trips for the avid adult fan. Tintin experts from the Moulinsart team personally some of the journeys and you my also tailor a Tintin holiday for your own private group. Click on the relevant icons below for a further details.


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We have especially created Tintin experiences for all the trips and our itineraries closely reflect the albums they represent. And just like there was for Tintin, there will be the occasional unexpected surprise in store for you! We’d love to share this with you now – but then – that wouldn’t hold much mystery, intrigue and fun, would it?! All that aside ...




To get you set for your holiday there will be bespoke Tintin dossiers for everyone, delivered a few weeks before setting off, and an exciting arrival pack as you embark on your adventure. You'll also be automatically signed up to the official Tintin club and receive your very own Tintin Syldavia passport!


All the holidays are done at a relatively relaxed pace spending at least two nights at most ports of call. There will also be a few spare afternoons and evenings, giving you the flexibility to venture out and discover on your own. Travel is typically on a combination of train, air and road, where longer distances are done by flight and a few distinctively local modes of getting around are peppered through the holidays – a rickshaw ride in Delhi, felucca sailing down the Nile in Egypt and camel treks at all three destinations. We’ll stay at comfortable 3 to 5 star centrally located hotels, desert camps and heritage properties giving a true flavour of each destination – travelling just as Tintin would have in days gone by!

Our expert native guides will bring that extra bit of local flavour and excitement to the holidays – a bit of ‘local intelligence’ if you like – while our accompanying Tintin guru will enlighten your journey further with their witty riposte on Herge’ and the many adventures of Tintin.




Our flagship adventures take place in India and Egypt – setting of ‘The Cigars of the Pharaoh’ – and Jordan – home to ‘The Red Sea Sharks’ –, so read on to get the full low down of these exciting maiden voyages.  And because we know you are going to have the time of your life we’ve planned a post-holiday reunion in Brussels, home to Herge, so you can relive it all again.

With plenty more to come – watch this space or as Captain Haddock might have said- ‘Watchouk Spachi!



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